My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Step Afrika!

Louie and I got to go see the Step Afrika!. They had a performance here in Pittsburg sponsored by groups at Pitt State. I really love watching dancing. When I saw the advertising for this on TV I knew I wanted to go see it. It was a little later show but luckily Louie’s parents were able to come watch the boys for us so we could go. A huge Thank You to my in laws for watching the boys tonight. I know it was late and we greatly appreciated it!!

Step Afrika! is a group that travels all over teaching and showing the history behind stepping and where it came from. We have all seen the movies with stepping in it but it doesn’t really compare to the awe of seeing it in person. The rhythm and beat that they are able to make is amazing to watch happen right in front of you. They are quick with the hands and feet and is it awesome to watch. Step Afrika! is a great group of women and men who are really good at not only stepping but also entertaining you the whole performance. There was never a dull moment. We were laughing and engaged the whole time. They also brought ten people up on stage to learn a step. Of course Louie and I hid down because that is not what we wanted to do. They luckily picked out a good group of kids to do it. One kid was even really got into it and was really impressive with his leg kicks.

Step Afrika! travels around to different schools around the world. If you get a chance to go see them I would highly recommend doing so. It is a great performance to go see and I wish Austin would have be a few years older because I know that this is something he would have really enjoyed. They also have a Facebook page, on twitter, and Instagram using #stepafrika. Go check them out. They have great information about stepping, their scholarships, and ways to donate to support their efforts. If nothing else check them out and give them some Like love!!

Thank you Step Afrika! for a great performance tonight in Pittsburg KS. We greatly enjoyed ourselves and laughed the whole time. You guys are doing a great job and look forward to the next time you come around being able to take my son to see you guys preform.



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