My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Alijah’s 6 month apt

So I finally had Alijah’s 6 month check up. I was only a month late due to the doctor’s office not be able to get us in around his 6 month date. Alijah is 14lbs 9oz and 25in long. He is my skinny minny. The doctor said that he isn’t gaining weight as fast as she thinks but that he is still on the charts so just to watch it. She wants him back for 9 month check up to I think mainly check his weight. We have started food once a day a long with breastfeeding full time still. 

Other then his weight the doctor said he is very healthy. She also thought part of the weight is because of how active he is now as well. Alijah is crazy active. He is all over the place. He crawls to every room in the house now. He goes off and finds whatever it is he wants with out any worries. He still crawls and stands up in his crib right by his monitor. I swear he knows that I can see him in there. He stares into it and then cries. Alijah is my stinker dinker and is in to everything. He is very independent until around 9 pm when all he wants to do is be held while you are standing. There is no sitting with him at that point. 

Alijah is also doing very well with sleeping. He takes his naps and at sleeping at night is all done in his crib. He is sleeping just an hour or two for naps but then at night, most nights he will sleep in and end up sleeping for 6 to 7 hours in one stretch. That feels really good when I wake up and realize he just sleep for so long. So I think I can officially say I have two little boys that sleep really well for me. They might not be on the same time frame but we are getting there. 

I can not believe how big my baby is getting. Before to long I will have to plan his 1st birthday party already. I can’t believe how fast time is going. I wish I could stop time right now and keep him this little for a while longer. 

I love you Alijah Maddix!!



Photo by Erin Mitchell Photography



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