My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Austin Sporting a Mohawk

I was at Walmart the other day just picking up a few things. I am almost out of hair gel for Austin. I normally only fix it when we are going out. I started looking through the hair aisle but of course it is hard to figure out which one will work. Austin has very thick poker straight hair so it needs to really hold and be able to hold for more then an hour or so.

I thought I had found one and even put it in my cart then I moved down the aisle and noticed thee Suave Kids product. They have a new Suave Kids Styling Gel was a dollar cheaper then most other gels in the aisle. I thought I would try it.

I really liked the fact that the Styling Gel is Alcohol Free and residue free. It came in a Cool Ocean Blast with a super cute look to the front of it.


The Suave Kids lets kids have fun with their hair while looking their cutest. This gel rinses off clean so you won’t see any residue at all. This is a great plus especially for small child that can’t keep his hands out of his hair. It is also super easy to use. You just squirt a nickel size amount into your hand and then apply from back to front of hair fixing it just the way you are wanting it to look. Here is Austin’s hair from tonight. He loved it!!




As you can see it held very well and was better then the gel that I was using never held like this did. Austin’s hair did not move for the whole 3 hours before his bath time. His running and moving and playing it held up and never moved. At bath time I washed Austin’s hair and never had any residue left over and rinsed right out with no problem. I really like this product and will use it for both my boys. Suave also has a satisfactory guarantee so that is a plus. I would highly recommend this product if you are needing a gel for your child’s hair.



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