My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Two Perfect Weather Days

This past week we had two great days of weather. The first day was right around 70-75 and then Friday was around 75-80. It was also so nice that the wind was too crazy. A lot of times around here when it is warm the wind can be crazy and too much to take the boys out in it.

On Thursday I was able to take the boys outside for a little bit before nap time. This is Alijah’s first time of being outside and being able to be down and crawling around. Alijah wasn’t so sure about it. We have turf and that is what we play on but even that he didn’t really like to touch it with his hands. He sat on my lap most of the time we were out there. Austin loved it outside. I know he would be outside all of the time if he could. He ran and played with his lawn mower and leaves.



On Friday we took the boys to the park with a pond and has a ton of ducks. We took some bread for Austin to feed the ducks. We also stopped and got dinner and we ate dinner and then played on the playground. After we ate we started feeding the ducks. It had looked like a lot of people came to feed the ducks so they weren’t very hungry and didn’t come up to us like they normally do. We were almost done with our bread when we finally got a duck come up to us to eat the bread. Austin had a piece of bread and as much as he wanted to be close he was so much when the duck came to get the bread. Austin came and hid by me and I fed the duck my last piece.

After that we went and played on the playground. Austin hasn’t been on the playground since last fall so he was ready to go. He is getting to be such a big boy. He climbed up all the big ladders and went down the slides by himself. He didn’t need his mommy or daddy at all. Alijah even got to go down the slides a few times. We all can not wait until it is warm all the time and we get to play outside everyday.





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