My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Easter is almost here…

I can not believe that Easter is just around the corner. I haven’t even began to look for the boys outfits. I like to dress them up with suits so I should probably start looking. I don’t really like to pay the full costs on suits since they only wear it once maybe twice so I really have to shop around to find something for a cheaper amount. 

The Easter Bunny has double duty this year. I think I have pretty much gotten the boys their stuff. It is hard to figure out what to get them when they really don’t need much and neither of them get candy so that doesn’t help find a filler for the basket. I have mainly gotten books, and a few bubbles and outdoor toys for them. 

This is Alijah’s first Easter. I am excited to see how he will be at the egg hunts. He can crawl and pretty fast at that so it will be interesting. The main egg hunt we go to is out our church. It is a big church of about 3,300 people not counting kids. It is a very young family church with a lot of kids. The egg hunts starts and within about 2-3 minutes they are all picked up and gone. It is crazy how fast it goes. They even put out over 35,000 eggs each year. Louie and I might have to split up to conquer the eggs the best with Alijah and Austin. Luckily my mom is having one so even if we aren’t able to get to many eggs we will be able to have the kids get eggs there. 

I will have a ton of pictures with the boys getting their baskets, outfits for church and egg hunts. Come back to check it out right after Easter!!



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