My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

March Madness

So I have to admit a few things. One, I don’t care to watch basketball on tv. I love basketball and played in college for a year but do not care to watch it. Second, I guess on my bracket and have no idea what team has what going on. Third, I have beaten my husband for the last two years on our brackets we do at home. 

In saying all that, it is time for us to do a bracket again. I asked him if he was sure you wanted to bet again since he is not doing very well year after year. He has agreed so once more we are betting on our brackets. Once more I get to guess and pick what times name or color or idea of what they are help me pick who wins week after week. I always bet for a spa day or something like that. It is getting harder and harder to have to time to take for myself so this year I may have to find something else to bet for. I am totally up for suggestions if anyone has one. I totally plan on winning again this year. I would research some this year but I am afraid that would ruin my streak so I think I’m just going to wing it again.

Louie I love you but you are going to lose again this year!!



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