My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Snow Spring

Happy Spring!! I mean winter. So Spring came and so did snow. A lot of snow for us. We don’t get very much snow and didn’t get more then an inch at all this winter. Then it became spring and we got about 4 inches of snow. That is so not nice from mother nature. As much as I wanted to snow this winter to help with the mosquito that we have I was not wanting it after it turns spring and we have already had several 70 degree days. 

The snow came on Sunday. Austin woke up to snow and he was so excited. Louie ended up having to go in to work since he deals with electricity and there was a good bit of outages. So I had to brave the cold and snow to take Austin out in it. I didn’t want him to miss the snow for the last time this year. 

I grew up in Pennsylvania and should be used to and love the cold and snow. Well I hate both. I do not like it being cold and really don’t care for snow. There is nothing fun about it anymore. But anyways, I got us all bundled up which with two little ones and myself seemed to take forever to do. I bundled up Alijah and then Moby Wrapped him so I had my hands free and help in keeping him warm. I also then put on my coat and zipped him up under it. Let’s just say he was probably the warmest of all three of us. Then we all headed out. Austin loved it and loves the snow. He likes to throw it and jump in it. I tried to get him to slide down our small hill in the sled but I couldn’t really get a good push for him while carrying Alijah so that didn’t work. Alijah was not happy at all so we didn’t last outside for very long. It really wasn’t worth the time it took us to get bundled up. 

Louie got home around 4:30 or so, so he was able to take Austin out again. Austin woke up and was excited to go back out. I got him all bundled back up and out they went. I watched them play from the window. I was also able to take a few good pictures from the window of them playing and building Austin’s first snowman.







Austin and Louie of course had to knock down the snowman after building it. Austin liked pushing it over!!



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