My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Austin’s Toddler Bed

Since we were potty training we decided to just go ahead and move him to his toddler bed. The crib is a 4-1 so we just had to take the front off. It is completely open so there is no safety net on the front. I put a few pillow down to just make sure if he fell out he would roll on to pillows. He has done great. We told him he was not allowed to get out of bed and for the most party he has listened. He does get out most mornings and comes finds me (normally still in bed). At nap even he stays in until I go get him. Except for the one time he decided to get up and go wake up Alijah. We got in a little bit of trouble for that so hopefully that will be the only time. After about a week of Austin sleeping in the toddler bed and not falling out I thought we would be safe to take the pillows away. The night I take the pillows away Austin falls out of bed. I was downstairs and heard this loud crash. I thought Louie was up stairs jumping around. When I came up I asked Louie and he didn’t have a clue and said he didn’t do anything to make a loud noise. Before going to bed I check the monitor to make sure they are both ok in bed. As I looked at the monitor I noticed that there is no Austin in bed. I go in his room and there he is laying on the floor all curled up like he never woke up at all. Poor thing fell of the bed and never even woke up and just slept there on the floor until I moved him to his bed.

Today for nap I’m not sure what was going on but I all of a sudden heard a loud thud and him kind of whimper. I went in his room and he starts telling me he fell out of bed. It was almost comical and I did have a hard time trying not to laugh. I covered him back up and gave a few kissed and back to sleep he went. Other then these two times we have done super well with the toddler bed. I am pretty impressed that he hasn’t fallen out more often or tried to get out of bed all the time.

So my baby has gone from baby to big boy with in a weekend/weeks time frame. I can not believe how big Austin is getting and how fast it is happening. My babies are getting so big.



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One thought on “Austin’s Toddler Bed

  1. I used to have a mattress I would pull out from under my Daughters bed at night, just in case she fell out. I used it for quite awhile.

    New twitter follower @CandidaJourney

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