My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Potty Training Austin

A couple of week ago Austin started telling us every time he would pee in his diaper so I decided that maybe it was time to start potty training him. We started a couple of weekends ago just letting him be naked around the house and going on the potty a lot. He did really well. We didn’t go anywhere on that Saturday and Sunday and he did great. We only really had two accidents. He wanted underwear on at one point and he peed but I think that really helped him know the feeling he needed to know when he really needed to go. He also had one accident of pooping, which I was kind of surprised with since he had already been popping in the toilet.

Austin did so well and I can not believe that how easy he has been to potty train. We have only had a couple of accidents so far. He even has been able to make it all night with out going. I tried putting him in underwear at the beginning and I even got him up once to go potty but that morning he was totally soaked and never woke up to potty at all. Since that point I had been putting him either in a diaper or pull up and wasn’t going to worry about it for now. So since then he has been in a pull up and wakes up dry. He also woke up one night having to pee. Tonight we are trying underwear. He said he wanted underwear so we will see how tonight works.

I can only hope that Alijah is half this easy at potty training. Louie and I think that Austin is just paying us back for being so hard for the first 6 months of his life. Either way I am so glad it has been easy and stayed away from accidents.




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