My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Family Vacation

We have decided on our family vacation and super excited to say we will be heading down to San Antonio TX. I am super excited about our trip. We will get to visit a few awesome places. We will only have a good 5 days to visit so we will be making the best out of those days to visit all that we can.

A few places will be Sea World, Zoo, and the Alamo. I think we will also take a day and visit Corpus Christy. I love the beach and am all for it any time we can go visit one. Last time we went to the beach it was in San Diego and Austin was 17 months old. He also wanted nothing to do with the sand and water. So it didn’t go so well. He played in the sand as long as you didn’t have to stand in the sand at all. I am hoping this trip he will really want to play and have fun in the sand and water. If he doesn’t it might be the last time I get to the beach for many years.

When we visited San Diego and we did Sea World and Zoo Austin loved it and I was 8 month pregnant with Alijah. This year it is exciting that both boys will get to visit both parks and enjoy it. I know Austin will love it and I think Alijah will really like it also. Alijah is pretty good at seeing the animals and so happy being outside so I am excited!!

If anyone has a must see place to go visit around the San Antonio and Corpus Christy Area please let us know.



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