My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Wyndham Hotel in Tulsa

This post is a little late but well worth it with the pictures. Last month we took the boys to Tulsa to the Zoo and Sesame Street Live. We stayed over night and I found an amazing hotel to stay at. The indoor kids water park totally sold it. I was really wanting to find something that was under $100 and had breakfast but after I saw all the slides and fun stuff I knew we had to stay there. It doesn’t have breakfast but with the boys that is to big of a deal. It always just a little over $100 so still a great deal. 




The hotel was very clean and pretty nice inside. The pool area did not have the chlorine smell to it at all. The pool area had really good hours. It stayed open until 10pm and opened up at 6 am. We were able to take the boys swimming in the evening that was kind of crowded and then again in the morning where we were the only ones for most of the time we were in there. Having to ourselves really allowed Austin to play and have fun on the slides. We didn’t have to worry about anyone not waiting and coming down on him or him not being able to get up the slides by himself. Alijah even got to be down and in the water. He didn’t care for the slide at all. Louie and I both tried at different times and for Alijah is was not a fun time. 

Austin loved the slide. We have him in swimming lessons so he is really loving the water and being under water and still really has no fear of the water at all. The frog slide he was able to do that all by himself. He even got creative on it and would go down backwards and on his belly. There was a bigger slide that was covered and it bent a little. He also loved that one. That one we waited for him at the bottom since it was a little deeper by that slide. Austin would come down saying wee and then get up with all smiles saying again. I think I have made him into a fish. Austin also found the cannons that they had. He liked getting up on a chair so he could spray water out of them. It was kind of hard so Louie had to help him with that but he didn’t care. 








As you can see both of the boys had a great time with the water. I am sure any time we stay in Tulsa again it will be here. The only down side was the beds. They had the sleep number beds. The only problem is they did not have the remotes to use for them. They were pretty quick when we called about it to come get them fixed. Everyone was super nice and we never waited long for extra towels, crib, or maintenance for the bed. (hint: if you unzip the mattress on the top middle of the bed there is a white cap if you take that off you can let the air out and change the setting without the remote). Louie and I both decided though that we would never get a sleep number bed ever!!



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