My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Our Family Vacation

We went on our family vacation over Memorial Day week. We went down to San Antonio this year. There was many reasons for deciding on here. First was we could drive it which is away better then having to pay for three tickets. Second we had family down there that was very gracious in letting us stay and let us come in and take over half the house. Third is that we would be able to visit Sea World, Zoo and Beach. 

First thing I want to do is Thank Aunt Pat for allowing us to come stay with you and take over your house. There is a lot of us and I am sure it is a lot of stuff that came in with us. We greatly appreciated that nice beds, hot showers, and hot breakfast and dinners. Austin and Alijah loved seeing you every morning and most nights. Also thank you for the great Coupons the boys loved all three of the places you got for us. 

Next I will probably separate out each place we went with separate posts or it would be one very very long post.

I will also have a few product reviews coming this next week as well. Make sure you come back and check up on here. Lots of pictures to come.



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