My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Austin’s First Dentist Appointment

I am going to skip ahead to Austin’s first dentist appointment. The dentist that I go to said they don’t see kids until 3 but others I saw they were taking there kids at 2. So I decided maybe it was time to take Austin. Austin has been on time for getting all his teeth except his two year molars. He started getting teeth at 6 months, then more at 9 months, and the rest including one year molars right before he turned one. His two year molars waited until he was 2 1/2 until the bottom two has popped in and still waiting with no signs of the top ones coming in.

So I called Saia Center here in town to see about getting Austin an appointment. I decided to check them out since I had seen pictures and saw how kid friendly they were. I thought this might help with his first visit. I ended up calling on a Thursday and go him an appointment for the next day at 11 so that was nice knowing that we could get in early and not a long wait time.

I told Austin from that minute on that he was going to go to the Dentist to prepare himself and be ready and understand what was going to happen. When we got there on Friday they have a kids area. It is a little room with TV, toys, and cartoon characters on the wall. So that part was really nice. Austin and Alijah got to play while we waited to go in. When we went back there he wasn’t too sure at first about sitting in the chair. I talked him into it saying I was going to be right there. Well I ended up having to hold his hand the whole time which was fine and a challenge since Alijah had gone with us. The Hygienist was really good about asking Austin if she could look in his mouth and brush. Austin said yes to everything and actually let her also. She even asked if she could floss and he let her. Then she asked if she could polish them and again he said yes. I think she was pretty surprised by how good he was and allowing her to do so much. Even when the Dentist came in and ask if she could look in his mouth he said yes and she was able to poke around a little bit.

Austin did amazing and even I was a little surprised at how well he did. He also had no cavities and nothing of concern. They were pretty impressed at how much he loves to brush and how much we brush.

The Dentist did say that he has a little lip tie but that boys normally break it before their permanent teeth come in so that wasn’t a concern right now. She also said that Austin will more then likely need braces because his baby teeth are already over lapping each other on the bottom which means the permanent teeth will not have the same and will need to be straighten and made room for them. I kind of already knew this since I had braces and Louie’s teeth over lap pretty good that there wasn’t much hope for straight teeth.








Our next appointment in 6 months I hope will go this smoothly.



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