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My New Adventure

Time for a LifeStyle Change

As you can tell from my last post until this new one I have been absent from here. In that time so much has happened and life got crazier. So now I am starting this new journey here and documenting it to not only hold myself accountable but to also help motivate myself to get myself back to where I should be and living a healthy lifestyle for my boys.
Since our last meeting I had another son Azaiah Jaxon. He was born on the 24th of May. He weighed 8lbs 1.1oz and was 19.25 in long. He was my heaviest baby and shortest. Austin and Alijah love on him so much. They love giving hugs and kisses, and doing a ton of talking to him.

With each pregnancy I did pretty well not gaining more than 30lbs with any. With Azaiah I only gained 15lbs but I also started out at my heaviest. So with him even though I only gained 15lbs I ended up at #270. That is by far my heaviest I have ever been. I know I haven’t lost the weight like I needed to but it has been so hard getting motivated in between both pregnancy and nursing. With Azaiah being my last, it is time to get healthy. It is also time to get my butt in gear and show the boys what being healthy living and eating really is.

So here I start my journey. I weighed myself this morning and I was #245. This is 4lbs less then when I got pregnant and 25lbs that I have lost since having Azaiah a little less than 3 months ago. Now, to think of how much I could really lose just by eating healthier on a day to day basis. So we begin!!

I am starting my journey with the help of Plexus Slim. This is a mix that you mix into water and drink 30 mins before 1-2 meals. This is not a meal replacement. I do not have to skip meals. There is also an Accelerator pill that is suppose to help boost metabolism and help with the weight lose faster. Since I am nursing and plan to for some time I will not take the Accelerator. After nursing when I have the last amount to lose I will then add in the Accelerator.
The Plexus Slim is a powder that you will mix with 12-20oz of water and then drink that. This can be done twice a day and at any time. There are several benefits to this other than just the weight lose. It helps control your sugar levels. This then helps with your energy level increase and less fatigue throughout the day. Since this helps control your sugars it is also great for Diabetics. Losing weight in a healthy weight while having a control on your sugars is a win win.

So here is the beginning of my new journey. I hope you will join me on this new lifestyle change. If you have any questions or want to know more about Plexus (more products then just these two) please let me know.


Plexus Slim


Austin’s First Dentist Appointment

I am going to skip ahead to Austin’s first dentist appointment. The dentist that I go to said they don’t see kids until 3 but others I saw they were taking there kids at 2. So I decided maybe it was time to take Austin. Austin has been on time for getting all his teeth except his two year molars. He started getting teeth at 6 months, then more at 9 months, and the rest including one year molars right before he turned one. His two year molars waited until he was 2 1/2 until the bottom two has popped in and still waiting with no signs of the top ones coming in.

So I called Saia Center here in town to see about getting Austin an appointment. I decided to check them out since I had seen pictures and saw how kid friendly they were. I thought this might help with his first visit. I ended up calling on a Thursday and go him an appointment for the next day at 11 so that was nice knowing that we could get in early and not a long wait time.

I told Austin from that minute on that he was going to go to the Dentist to prepare himself and be ready and understand what was going to happen. When we got there on Friday they have a kids area. It is a little room with TV, toys, and cartoon characters on the wall. So that part was really nice. Austin and Alijah got to play while we waited to go in. When we went back there he wasn’t too sure at first about sitting in the chair. I talked him into it saying I was going to be right there. Well I ended up having to hold his hand the whole time which was fine and a challenge since Alijah had gone with us. The Hygienist was really good about asking Austin if she could look in his mouth and brush. Austin said yes to everything and actually let her also. She even asked if she could floss and he let her. Then she asked if she could polish them and again he said yes. I think she was pretty surprised by how good he was and allowing her to do so much. Even when the Dentist came in and ask if she could look in his mouth he said yes and she was able to poke around a little bit.

Austin did amazing and even I was a little surprised at how well he did. He also had no cavities and nothing of concern. They were pretty impressed at how much he loves to brush and how much we brush.

The Dentist did say that he has a little lip tie but that boys normally break it before their permanent teeth come in so that wasn’t a concern right now. She also said that Austin will more then likely need braces because his baby teeth are already over lapping each other on the bottom which means the permanent teeth will not have the same and will need to be straighten and made room for them. I kind of already knew this since I had braces and Louie’s teeth over lap pretty good that there wasn’t much hope for straight teeth.








Our next appointment in 6 months I hope will go this smoothly.


Trying to get back in the swing of things.

This summer has been hard to find time to really get back into blogging. I have a lot to post and write about but finding the times seems to never happen. Our computer isn’t very reliable anymore so that doesn’t help things. Working on a slow or sometimes just not working at all doesn’t do much for the motivation. 

It’s already pretty late tonight but going to try and get in one or two posts before heading to bed. So we are going to head back to our family vacation to San Antonio. I will start a new post since I will have a lot of pictures.


Our Family Vacation

We went on our family vacation over Memorial Day week. We went down to San Antonio this year. There was many reasons for deciding on here. First was we could drive it which is away better then having to pay for three tickets. Second we had family down there that was very gracious in letting us stay and let us come in and take over half the house. Third is that we would be able to visit Sea World, Zoo and Beach. 

First thing I want to do is Thank Aunt Pat for allowing us to come stay with you and take over your house. There is a lot of us and I am sure it is a lot of stuff that came in with us. We greatly appreciated that nice beds, hot showers, and hot breakfast and dinners. Austin and Alijah loved seeing you every morning and most nights. Also thank you for the great Coupons the boys loved all three of the places you got for us. 

Next I will probably separate out each place we went with separate posts or it would be one very very long post.

I will also have a few product reviews coming this next week as well. Make sure you come back and check up on here. Lots of pictures to come.


Austin’s Toddler Bed

Since we were potty training we decided to just go ahead and move him to his toddler bed. The crib is a 4-1 so we just had to take the front off. It is completely open so there is no safety net on the front. I put a few pillow down to just make sure if he fell out he would roll on to pillows. He has done great. We told him he was not allowed to get out of bed and for the most party he has listened. He does get out most mornings and comes finds me (normally still in bed). At nap even he stays in until I go get him. Except for the one time he decided to get up and go wake up Alijah. We got in a little bit of trouble for that so hopefully that will be the only time. After about a week of Austin sleeping in the toddler bed and not falling out I thought we would be safe to take the pillows away. The night I take the pillows away Austin falls out of bed. I was downstairs and heard this loud crash. I thought Louie was up stairs jumping around. When I came up I asked Louie and he didn’t have a clue and said he didn’t do anything to make a loud noise. Before going to bed I check the monitor to make sure they are both ok in bed. As I looked at the monitor I noticed that there is no Austin in bed. I go in his room and there he is laying on the floor all curled up like he never woke up at all. Poor thing fell of the bed and never even woke up and just slept there on the floor until I moved him to his bed.

Today for nap I’m not sure what was going on but I all of a sudden heard a loud thud and him kind of whimper. I went in his room and he starts telling me he fell out of bed. It was almost comical and I did have a hard time trying not to laugh. I covered him back up and gave a few kissed and back to sleep he went. Other then these two times we have done super well with the toddler bed. I am pretty impressed that he hasn’t fallen out more often or tried to get out of bed all the time.

So my baby has gone from baby to big boy with in a weekend/weeks time frame. I can not believe how big Austin is getting and how fast it is happening. My babies are getting so big.


Potty Training Austin

A couple of week ago Austin started telling us every time he would pee in his diaper so I decided that maybe it was time to start potty training him. We started a couple of weekends ago just letting him be naked around the house and going on the potty a lot. He did really well. We didn’t go anywhere on that Saturday and Sunday and he did great. We only really had two accidents. He wanted underwear on at one point and he peed but I think that really helped him know the feeling he needed to know when he really needed to go. He also had one accident of pooping, which I was kind of surprised with since he had already been popping in the toilet.

Austin did so well and I can not believe that how easy he has been to potty train. We have only had a couple of accidents so far. He even has been able to make it all night with out going. I tried putting him in underwear at the beginning and I even got him up once to go potty but that morning he was totally soaked and never woke up to potty at all. Since that point I had been putting him either in a diaper or pull up and wasn’t going to worry about it for now. So since then he has been in a pull up and wakes up dry. He also woke up one night having to pee. Tonight we are trying underwear. He said he wanted underwear so we will see how tonight works.

I can only hope that Alijah is half this easy at potty training. Louie and I think that Austin is just paying us back for being so hard for the first 6 months of his life. Either way I am so glad it has been easy and stayed away from accidents.



Snow Spring

Happy Spring!! I mean winter. So Spring came and so did snow. A lot of snow for us. We don’t get very much snow and didn’t get more then an inch at all this winter. Then it became spring and we got about 4 inches of snow. That is so not nice from mother nature. As much as I wanted to snow this winter to help with the mosquito that we have I was not wanting it after it turns spring and we have already had several 70 degree days. 

The snow came on Sunday. Austin woke up to snow and he was so excited. Louie ended up having to go in to work since he deals with electricity and there was a good bit of outages. So I had to brave the cold and snow to take Austin out in it. I didn’t want him to miss the snow for the last time this year. 

I grew up in Pennsylvania and should be used to and love the cold and snow. Well I hate both. I do not like it being cold and really don’t care for snow. There is nothing fun about it anymore. But anyways, I got us all bundled up which with two little ones and myself seemed to take forever to do. I bundled up Alijah and then Moby Wrapped him so I had my hands free and help in keeping him warm. I also then put on my coat and zipped him up under it. Let’s just say he was probably the warmest of all three of us. Then we all headed out. Austin loved it and loves the snow. He likes to throw it and jump in it. I tried to get him to slide down our small hill in the sled but I couldn’t really get a good push for him while carrying Alijah so that didn’t work. Alijah was not happy at all so we didn’t last outside for very long. It really wasn’t worth the time it took us to get bundled up. 

Louie got home around 4:30 or so, so he was able to take Austin out again. Austin woke up and was excited to go back out. I got him all bundled back up and out they went. I watched them play from the window. I was also able to take a few good pictures from the window of them playing and building Austin’s first snowman.







Austin and Louie of course had to knock down the snowman after building it. Austin liked pushing it over!!


Easter is almost here…

I can not believe that Easter is just around the corner. I haven’t even began to look for the boys outfits. I like to dress them up with suits so I should probably start looking. I don’t really like to pay the full costs on suits since they only wear it once maybe twice so I really have to shop around to find something for a cheaper amount. 

The Easter Bunny has double duty this year. I think I have pretty much gotten the boys their stuff. It is hard to figure out what to get them when they really don’t need much and neither of them get candy so that doesn’t help find a filler for the basket. I have mainly gotten books, and a few bubbles and outdoor toys for them. 

This is Alijah’s first Easter. I am excited to see how he will be at the egg hunts. He can crawl and pretty fast at that so it will be interesting. The main egg hunt we go to is out our church. It is a big church of about 3,300 people not counting kids. It is a very young family church with a lot of kids. The egg hunts starts and within about 2-3 minutes they are all picked up and gone. It is crazy how fast it goes. They even put out over 35,000 eggs each year. Louie and I might have to split up to conquer the eggs the best with Alijah and Austin. Luckily my mom is having one so even if we aren’t able to get to many eggs we will be able to have the kids get eggs there. 

I will have a ton of pictures with the boys getting their baskets, outfits for church and egg hunts. Come back to check it out right after Easter!!


March Madness

So I have to admit a few things. One, I don’t care to watch basketball on tv. I love basketball and played in college for a year but do not care to watch it. Second, I guess on my bracket and have no idea what team has what going on. Third, I have beaten my husband for the last two years on our brackets we do at home. 

In saying all that, it is time for us to do a bracket again. I asked him if he was sure you wanted to bet again since he is not doing very well year after year. He has agreed so once more we are betting on our brackets. Once more I get to guess and pick what times name or color or idea of what they are help me pick who wins week after week. I always bet for a spa day or something like that. It is getting harder and harder to have to time to take for myself so this year I may have to find something else to bet for. I am totally up for suggestions if anyone has one. I totally plan on winning again this year. I would research some this year but I am afraid that would ruin my streak so I think I’m just going to wing it again.

Louie I love you but you are going to lose again this year!!


Excited for April

I am super excited for April to come and what all I will be coming on my blog. In April I will be having several product reviews a long with giveaways. I get to review a Grace Adele scarf, a Velata with chocolate and cheese, and the Arbonne ABC Line. I will have giveaways for the Grace Adele and the Velata. How much fun is this? I can not wait to try these products out and let you know what I think about it.

April will also be super busy but I think I am ready for it. Almost all of April I have Austin in swimming Lessons for twice a week and I know he is going to love it. He really likes the water and did great during his lessons over the summer last year. He is not so keen on floating on his back so we will see how that goes. Last time we went swimming he was able to jump off the side and go under water with no problems at all.

My birthday is towards the end of the month and I plan on going to visit my sister for almost a week so that will be fun. She has 4 kids and them and Austin all play really well together.

So a busy month but that will just bring us one month closer to spring and summer. I’m excited to think of all the stuff we get to do with the boys this year. Alijah will be old enough to enjoy and I will not be pregnant this summer.


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